this website is where i keep everything related to my (partially) untitled project following the adventures of 18-year-old filmmaker freaks named ANDREW HANSEN and PERRY KESSLER. this is a quite personal project that i hope to turn into a full-length comic...or at least some sort of series of interconnected comics. what is on the website so far is NOT LINEAR! someday, when im nearing some sort of completion of this story i'll start organizing my WORKS.

"serena palmer", as explained in this comic is the internet alias of ANDREW HANSEN. this website is named after the website that she has in-universe... her very own shock site.

right now, perry is feeling The current mood of skullsnake82 at www.imood.com

right now, andrew is feeling The current mood of xXserenapalmerXx at www.imood.com


this is me. I'm the author. my name is vincent and i am a strange guy and i like to write about & draw strange guys. i have partner who i love and who is a very huge inspiration for this story. THIS!!! is my tumblr where i dont JUST draw andrew and perry... check it out maybe?

graphics from this site sourced from here, here, here, here, here, and here. and my own hand, of course.